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September 6, 2013 – 10:13

EvenLit™ Light Panels Makes Electronics Retail Display Pop

Portadecor retail display casesare thebest to show off any product. Whether you need a portable showcase or an elaborate permanent light up display, our acrylic units will put you in the spotlight and increase product awareness. They’re illuminated with Astera LED lights for maximum impact. Purchase directly from the manufacturer, or inquire about units available for rent.

Our Vision 41 and Concept 41 units make versatile retail display cases. These modular pieces can be used alone as lit up pedestals or together in combination to create large showcases. With accessories like shelf kits and clear acrylic side panels, you can configure them into an endless combination of retail display cases.

For a really attention-getting display, look to our Concept 82 and Vision 82 towers. Outfit them with clear or decorative side panels to create unique event decor displays for any venue, or use interior shelves for exhibiting just about anything. As with our other units, these sleek towers can be lit up from within to make your wares the center of attention.

If you have a bar or lounge venue, you need an attractive liquor display! Our Concept 8 and Icon series units can be combined to create anything from illuminated bottle risers to an entire light up bottle display wall. The right liquor display will make your venue stunning and unique!

There’s no better way to increase product awareness than attending a trade show targeted to your industry. We can create a custom display or an entire trade show booth for you. Focus attention on your product or service with anything from a simple showcase to a luminous trade show booth with towers, flooring and branding. Purchase a custom display complete with lights and graphics, or rent what you need as you need it. Many of our units fold down flat, making them portable and easy to transport from show to show.

Portadecor, based on Long Island, New York, manufactures fine event decor displays and retail display cases. Call us for a consultation in New York City, Long Island (Nassau and Suffolk), New Jersey and Connecticut. We rent nationwide, and purchases are shipped worldwide.



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I don't know how much time you have before you need to register with the trade show organization, but have you gone to any retail stores or vendors who sell these types of items for feedback on whether or not they would be interested in yours? Feedback from anyone in the industry or even the general public with babies and toddlers? Trade shows can be incredibly fruitful, but I would encourage doing some more research on your product's demand or potential for it before investing - although if this show has high exposure, it could be worth it either way. Good luck!

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      If you and I were to decide to go into business together, and we chose to open up a brick and mor …arket, and use the products you want to sell.
      Remember: Pick your niche, research your market, and then pursue it. Follow your heart, and sell what you know.

      You can get it on eBay.

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    Can someone please answer whos not a complete retard. Of course I know fabric stores. Jesus.

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