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CDC - National Occupational Research Agenda (NORA): NORA Wholesale and Retail Trade Sector Council

September 6, 2013 – 10:13

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The Wholesale and Retail Trade sector comprised nearly 20 million paid workers in 2011 according to the Current Population Survey. These workers, including many young workers, face risks that include workplace violence, overexertion, machinery, chemicals, shift work, and psycho-social stressors. To learn more about the sector, visit the Inputs section of the internal NIOSH sector program's webpages. You can also .

A goal of the NORA Wholesale and Retail Trade Sector Council is to identify the most salient needs of this large and diverse sector. We seek to facilitate the most important research, understand the most effective intervention strategies, and learn how to implement those strategies to achieve sustained improvements in workplace practice.

Join the Council as a Corresponding Member to keep informed of activities, provide input on issues to be discussed, and review draft documents. Some Corresponding Members may be asked to join workgroups on specific topics or to join as Members when openings arise. Contact the Sector Coordinator with any question or comment or to volunteer.

Information is available about the NIOSH Wholesale and Retail Trade Program, which facilitates the work of the Council.

NORA Wholesale and Retail Trade Sector Council Resources:



The wholesale/retail issue.

Lets take the "Art" wraps off a business conversation shall we?
The tug between wholesale and retail has been around since the beginning of trade itself. Now Bricks to Clicks, a 90's term, which expresses a marketing condundrum between traditional and on-line venues - adds a new wrinkle to the robe.
Technically, in a case of an agreement between a retailer (gallery) and a supplier (or craftsman) the issues of good faith lay between those two parties. You, the consumer, are compelled to get the most for the least and can't be concerned with it.
However, for my own part as a consumer, I think sometimes chasing the best price is being penny wise and dollar poor

Are you looking to sell to galleries/stores on a wholesale basis or do you want to do the art/craft fairs and sell retail?
The above is a good website for your sort of thing. They have a really good buyers guide that they distribute at the International Gift Trade Shows. Check it out. Doesn't cost a lot.
I used to do "decorative art/craft" and have a pretty good amount of experience before I switched back to fine arts painting.

It means they only sell to people in that trade.

In the interior design business so you're not part of that particular trade.
That means you get to pay retail just like the rest of us. *lol*
To turn it around so you can understand; how would you feel if people came to you asking how they could buy your jewelry at wholesale without paying you any markup?

Warehouse/ Wholesale & or Driver -help wanted

We are a loyal and frequent advertiser but retail food & skilled trade don’t answer to these two positions. This website is great but surely white collar biased -how about helping out the blue collar guys? Theres like 3 ways to post for IT & no direct way to point these hard working folks, who provide us with of our 3most essential needs food, clothing & shelter

Here is some info that may enlighten you..

I went to college and got my interior design degree. In California (I see you are from a different state) you have to take a test to be state credentialed to call yourself an Interior Designer but you can call yourself a "decorator" without all the schooling and testing. In was trained in every aspect of design including space planning, kitchen design, materials and the list goes on forever. By being a trained professional"in the trade" you get trade discounts, access to showrooms of top designer items as well as the ability to adjust your pricing levels on the retail/reselling aspect of the design trade ie; I purchase a sofa at wholesale and do a markup

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Trade activity turnover in 2012 around EUR 25 billion. In 2012, enterprises in Slovenia in retail trade, wholesale and commission trade generated EUR 24,792 million of turnover, which is 1.4% less than in 2011.

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  • Avatar Deepak How do i register for trademark and register mark?
    Nov 18, 2011 by Deepak | Posted in Law & Ethics

    I am planning to start a organic farming retail store called "healthy us". The company is called Healthy us farming private limited and i would like my products to be named as healthy us, so kindly brief me on this issue and also whom should i approach and what all documents should i carry along.

    • Trade marks are territorial, to get one in the UK you need to contact for advice, forms, fees and registration. They can also advise on how to register outside the UK.

  • Avatar Damu K Where can I buy pokemon tcg starter decks and booster packs in Kerala?
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    I've been having trouble locating a store that sells Pokemon trading cards. Is there any store in anywhere south of palakkad(tcr, ekm, or trivandrum) that sells this stuff??

    Thanks a lot..!

    • Dont do it. Its all about ebay and amazon. Buying starter decks and booster packs for retail gets hella expensive. Way cheaper and more effective to custom build your own deck on an online buying site.