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Israel Commercial and Investment Office Milan: Italian Retail Trade Index

May 10, 2023 – 11:56 am

Louise Cooper: Why pound debasement won t solve industrial malaise

Istat, the Italian National Statistics Institute has just published the results of a survey comparing the Annual Retail Trade Index in Nov 2009 with that of Nov. 2008.
Click here to view the tables.The results can be summarized for each sector as follows (percentage changes - Index of Retail Trade - Nov. 2008/Nov. 2009) :

- 1.7% Food products
- 1.1% Non food products

+1.6% Pharmaceuticals
-3.1% Clothing
Footwear and leather products
Furniture, textiles and homeware
+9.2% Home appliances, TV and radio
-2.5% Equipment for IT and mobile
+5.3% Film and optics
-3.2% Kitchen and home supplies
Hardware and tools
Cosmetics and perfumes
-1.8% Books, newspapers and stationery
-2.2% Music instruments
-2.8% Toys and equipment for sport and camping
-2.9% Jewellery and watches

Tot - 1.3%


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From Jim Moran

The odds are now better than even that the U.S. economy is sliding or has already slid into a recession.
The housing market downturn and sub prime mortgage crisis are the catalysts for a major economic downswing that looks to last well into 2009. The latest retail reports indicate a decline in sales, the unemployment rate is back over 5 percent (a two-year high), oil prices have breached the $100 high-water mark and food prices are rising. An announcement is thought to be coming this week showing the trade deficit with China has cracked $250 billion, a record.
Meanwhile, the President is asking for more than $100 billion in increased spending for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan – the first wars in America’s history in which all Americans have not been asked to sacrifice

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    • The inflation rate in the United Kingdom was recorded at 2.6 percent in July of 2012. Historically, from 1989 until 2012, the United Kingdom Inflation Rate averaged 2.8 Percent reaching an all time high of 8.5 Percent in …C-40 also gained 0.1% at 3446.68. Indexes outside Europe's core were faring better, though, with Spain's IBEX-35 up 0.8% at 7187.70, Italy's FTSE MIB up 0.5% at 14,726.67 and Greece's ASE Composite 0.7% higher at 625.95.

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    FYI Here's an article that I and a colleague authored on the Index Roll, a USA-based leveraged Indexing strategy:

    • These are specialized markets, and the only countries that will actively trade in them are the ones with laws friendly to derivitives.

      Any country that is a former Brit colony will likely have derivitive markets. Others, such as Germany, France, Italy and Japan, will likely not have them because corporations rely more heavily on loans for capital, and not the securities markets.